• IR Detectors and New Material Development 
  • IR Sources, Lasers, Filters, Optics, MEMS 
  • IR Instrument Sub-Systems: Source-Detector, Cooling, Software, Associated Electronics, Production Methods 
  • IR Spectroscopy, Sensing, and Commercial Applications


  • 11/7:  5:00 - 7:00 pm, Meet and Greet Cocktail Reception, rooftop patio, Marriott Residence Inn 
  • 11/8:  8:30 registration, 9:00 am - 4:30 pm, The Carson Ballroom, The Old Main, ASU Campus.
               Optional ASU Labs Open House
  • 11/8:  6:00 - 9:00 pm, Drinks and Dinner, Gordon Biersch, Tempe. Optional brewery tour 
  • 11/9:  9:00 am - 3:00 pm, The Carson Ballroom, The Old Main, ASU Campus

Tuesday, November 7

 5:00-7:00 Meet and Greet Reception and Early Registration

Wednesday, November 8



Coffee and Registration

Opening statement and welcoming remarks




Session A: Detectors and New Material Development     





Aidan Brooks

LIGO Labs CalTech

The Requirements of 3rd Generation Gravitational Wave Detectors




Raphael Mueller

Fraunhofer IAD Freiberg

Type-II Superlattice Infrared Photodetectors:
From Cryogenic to HOT Operation




Alexander Soibel

NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory

MWIR nBn Detector for High Temperature Operation


Breakout Session A




Session B: Detectors and New Material Development





Prof. Maria Tamargo

The City College of New York

II-VI Semiconductor Based Intersubband Devices




Prof. Raphael Tsu

University of North Carolina

Type II Superlattices




Michael Wanke

Sandia National Laboratories

Monolithic Integration of Heterodyne Schottky Diode Mixers and
Quantum Cascade Lasers


Breakout Session B




Session C: Detectors and New Material Development





Shane Johnson
Arizona State University
Molecular Beam Epitaxy Grown InAsSbBi for Mid- and
Long-Wave Infrared Applications




Elizabeth Steenbergen
Air Force Research Lab
InAs/InAsSb type-II Superlattices Photodetector Applications




Joe Kunsch
Laser Components Germany
Motivations Behind Infrared Applications and Developments


Breakout Session C and Lunch: Sandwiches/Salads




Session D: Spectroscopy, Sensing, Applications





Prof. Mark Zondlo
Princeton University
Mid-IR Open Path Systems




Prof. Nilton Renno
University of Michigan
Intelligent Vision Systems- Advanced Icing Detection




Prof. Fred Moshary
City College of New York
Infrared Remote Sensing Application in Urban Areas:
Challenges and Opportunities


Breakout Session D




Session E: Spectroscopy and Sensing





Prof. Frank Tittel
Rice University
Advances in Laser-Based Trace Gas Sensor Technologies




Chip Marshall
Redshift BioAnalytics
Tunable IR Lasers for Biophysical Characterization of Proteins




Mark Phillips
Pacific Northwest National Lab
Standoff Chemical Plume Detection with Swept-ECQCL Spectroscopy


Breakout Session E




Session F: Commercial Applications





Shankar Baliga
General Monitors                                 
Super Toughened Glass



Kevin Ludlum                                  
Spectra Sensors


ASU Posters and Labs Overview


Breakout Session F




ASU Labs Open House

Nanofab and Center for Photonics Innovation


Drinks and Dinner at Gordon Biersch Downtown Tempe

Thursday, November 9

8:45-9:00 Coffee



Session G: Sources, Lasers, Filters, Optics, MEMs       





Prof. Claire Gmachl
Princeton University               
Quantum Cascade Lasers




Antoine Muller
Alpes Lasers
Commercial QCLs


Prof. Yu Yao
Arizona State University
Infrared Optoelectronics Based on Active Metasurfaces


Breakout Session G




Session H: Sources, Lasers, Filters, Optics, MEMs



Jerry Meyer
Naval Research Lab
Interband Cascade Lasers, ICLEDs, and Mid-IR Si Photonics
for Spectroscopy


Kevin Lascola
Thorlabs Quantum Electronics
Fiber Coupled Interband Cascade Lasers  




Adam Fleisher
Rapid Gas Metrology using Mid-Infrared Frequency Combs

11:10-11:30 Breakout Session H



Session I: Sources, Lasers, Filters, Optics, MEMs





Garrett Cole
Crystalline Mirrors Solutions
Ultralow-Loss Mid-Infrared Interference Coatings via
Substrate Transfer and Direct Bonding




Jason Palidwar          
Multi Zone IR Filter Arrays




Suleyman Turgut
IR Holographic Optics



Mark Miller
Terahertz Device Corporation

12:00-12:45 Breakout Session I and Lunch: Barbeque Buffet



Session J: Optical Fibers and Detectors





Jason Kriesel
Opto-Knowledge Systems
Recent Advances in Hollow Mid-IR Fiber Optics




Oseas Alvarez
Latest Advances in Mid-Infrared Optical Fibers and Devices




Sarath Gunapala
NASA Jet Propulsion Laboratory
Focal Plane Arrays


Breakout Session J




Session K: Detector Developments





Dariusz Wojnowski
VIGO Systems
Recent Progress in IR Detection Modules




Hervé Copin                 
A 400 kHz Line Rate 2048-Pixel Stitched SWIR Linear Array


Breakout Session K



Laser Components Panel Discussion: Looking to the future


Davorin Babic, Director of R&D
IR Emitter Choices: Compare and Contrast


Dragan Grubisic, GM IR Detector Business
Using Research to Advance InGaAs Array Performance


Justin Jensen, Lead R&D Engineer Pyroelectrics
Differential Pyroelectric Detector Performance Data

  Larry Johnson, IR Product Specialist
Next Generation PbSe Research - The State of the Art


Closing Statements and Poster Session Awards

Note: Each session will have 3-4 speakers. During the breakout sessions, the speakers will each go to a specified audio/visual display area to continue their topic discussions with interested attendees. This will be the time to make connections and dive deep with more specific graphics.