• IR Detectors and New Material Development 
  • IR Sources, Lasers, Filters, Optics, MEMS 
  • IR Instrument Sub-Systems: Source-Detector, Cooling, Software, Associated Electronics, Production Methods 
  • IR Spectroscopy, Sensing, and Commercial Applications 


Invited Speakers

IR Detectors and New Material Development:

  • Joe Kunsch, Laser Components (Germany)
    Talk title: Trends in commercial IR detectors
  • Patrick Merken, Xenics and RMA Brussels (Belgium)
    Talk title: 2048-element InGaAs line arrays with up to 400 kHz line rate
  • Raphael Mueller, Fraunhofer IAF (Germany)
    Talk title: Type-II super lattice IR photodetectors from cryogenic to HOT operation
  • Maria Tamargo, The City College of New York (United States)
    Talk title: II-VI QCLs and detectors
  • Michael Wanke, Sandia National Laboratories (United States)

IR Sources, Lasers, Filters, Optics, MEMS:

  • Claire Gmachl, Princeton University (United States)
    Talk title: Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs)
  • Jerry Meyer, Naval Research Lab (United States)
    Talk title: Interband Cascade Lasers and LEDs for Spectroscopy and other applications
  • Antoine Muller, Alpes Lasers (Switzerland)
    Talk title: Commercial Quantum Cascade Lasers (QCLs)
  • Yu Yao, Arizona State University (United States)
    Talk title: Integrated mid-IR Photonics
  • Shankar Baliga, General Monitors by MSA (United States)
    Talk title: Super toughened glass
  • Jason Palidwar, Iridian (Canada)
    Talk title: Multizone IR Filter Arrays

IR Instrument Sub-Systems:

  • Jason Kriesel, Opto-Knowledge Systems (United States)
    Talk title: Commercial Mid-IR Hollow Core Fibers
  • Chip Marshall, RedShift BioAnalytics (United States)
    Talk title: Commercial microfluidic modulation spectroscopy in Mid-IR
  • Francois Chenard, IRFlex (United States)
    Talk title: Latest advances in mid-infrared optical fibers and devices
  • Frank Tittel, Rice University (United States)
    Talk title: Photoacoustic spectroscopy

IR Spectroscopy, Sensing, and Commercial Applications:

  • Kurt Hochrein, Intelligent Vision Systems (IVS) (United States)
    Talk title: Advanced Icing Detection Technology
  • Mark Zondlo, Princeton University (United States)
    Talk title: Mid–IR open path systems
  • Fred Moshary, the City College of New York (United States)
    Talk title: Remote gas sensing
  • Mark Phillips, Pacific Northwest National Laboratory (PNNL) (United States)
    Talk title: Standoff chemical plume detection with swept-ECQCL spectroscopy



  • 11/7:  5:00 - 7:00 pm, Meet and Greet Cocktail Reception, rooftop patio, Marriott Residence Inn 
  • 11/8:  8:30 registration, 9:00 am - 4:00 pm, The Carson Ballroom, The Old Main, ASU Campus 
  • 11/8:  6:00 - 9:00 pm, Drinks and Dinner, Gordon Biersch, Tempe. Optional brewery tour 
  • 11/9:  9:00 am - 3:00 pm, The Carson Ballroom, The Old Main, ASU Campus 



  • General Admission: $250
  • Presenters of accepted papers and posters: $150
  • Students: $125

Includes: IR WORKshop participation, a book of abstracts, coffee breaks, Tuesday reception, Wednesday and Thursday lunch, Wednesday dinner. Breakfasts are included for Residence Inn guests only.



  • The official language is English
  • The fee will be billed when registration is confirmed
  • Ideal attendance combination for an effective IR WORKshop:
    -    40 Paper presenters
    -    20-30 Research poster presenters
    -    40-50 General Admission
  • Oral presentations will be scheduled for 15 minutes including 3 minutes for questions and answers
  • Industry R&D announcements are limited to 5 minutes with a dedicated end of session question and answer opportunity
  • Plenty of break out sesssions and coffee breaks are scheduled to encourage community conversations