Review Program 2019


New design, research, development for:

  • IR Instrumentation: Optical, Spectrometers, Gas and Flame Detection, Remote Temperature Measurement
  • IR Detectors and New Material Development
  • IR Sources: Lasers, LEDs, MEMS
  • IR Components: Filters, Optics, Mirrors, Fibers


Program – October 29: Friend Center, Princeton University

8:30-9:00                                                              Coffee and Registration

9:00-9:10                                                              Opening Statement and Welcoming Remarks


Tuesday Morning                                                 Session Chair: Gerard Wysocki

9:10-9:35                                                               Fiber-Coupled QCL for Open-Path Sensing of


Prof. Mark Zondlo

Princeton University


Precision Frequency Comb Spectroscopy with a Cross-Dispersed Mid-Infrared Spectrograph

Michelle Bailey



9:50-10:05                                                            IR based hydrocarbon composition analyzer –                               enabling Technology in the Clean Energy                                       Revolution

Vidi Saptari
MKS Instruments


10:05-10:30                                                          Q & A Session

Poster Presenters: Xuehui Guo and Jing Wang


10:30-10:45                                                          Interband Cascade Laser Frequency Combs

Lukasz Sterczewski

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab 


10:45-11:00                                                          Frequency Stabilization of a Quantum

Cascade Laser Dual-Comb Spectrometer

Cheyenne Teng

Princeton University


11:00-11:15                                                          Mid-Infrared LEDs push into the Long-Wave IR Spectrum for Environmental and Health Sensing

 Mark Miller

Terahertz Device Corporation


11:15-11:30                                                          Applications of Novel DFB-ICL and DFB-QCL

Packages to Industrial Gas Sensing

Michael 'Mickey' Frish

Physical Sciences Inc.



11:30-11:55                                                          Q & A Session

Poster Presenters: Jie Liu and Daniel Moore



11:55-12:00                                                           Group Photo



12:00-1:00                                                              Lunch



Tuesday Afternoon                                                Session Chair: Terry Marta


1:00-1:25                                                               Infrared optoelectronics Based on Optical

Metasurfaces: Ultrafast Modulation and Polarimetric Detection 

Prof. Yu Yao

Arizona State University


1:25-1:40                                                               MWIR detectors and FPAs with Very Low Dark                                                                                               Current Density

Alexander Soibel

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, CalTech


1:40-1:55                                                              High Operating Temperature InAs/GaSb Type-II                                                                                               Superlattice Detectors

Andreas Woerl

Fraunhofer - IAF Germany


1:55-2:20                                                              Q & A Session

Poster Presenters: Michael Soskind

and Vasilios Deligiannaki


2:20-2:45                                                              Chalcogenide Materials for mid-IR Devices:  Processing and Characterization

Prof. Craig Arnold

                                                                                              Princeton University


2:45-3:00                                                              QCL-based Spectrometer for Liquid Analysis in Industrial Applications

Bob Shine

Daylight Solutions


               3:00-3:15                                                            Infrared Radiation Thermometer for                                                                                                                  Combustion Gas Temperature Measurement

William 'Bud' Foran

Heitronics Infrared Systems




3:15-3:40                                                              Q & A Session

Poster Presenters: Jannatt Rosna and

Paris Blaisdell Pijuan


               3:40-3:55                                                            Roughness Limits for TIS/RMS Measurements

                                                                                             John Stover

The Scatter Works


4:00-4:15                                                               Sensitivity Analysis of Infrared Bidirectional

Reflectance Distribution Function     

Measurements using Different Detector   

Chet Szwejkowski

Surface Optics Corporation


4:20-4:35                                                              IR Performance of Retroreflective Materials in Maritime Search and Rescue

Prof. Jane Hodgkinson

Cranfield University UK



4:45-5:45                                                               Lab Tour: PRISM Cleanroom and Imaging and Analysis Center


6:00-9:00                                                               Networking Dinner at Triumph Brewing Company



               Wednesday Morning                                         Session Chair: Yu Yao



               8:30-9:00                                                             Coffee


            9:00-9:05                                                                Welcome Back and Reminders


9:05-9:30                                                               Development of a Prism-based Broadband Optical Cavity (400-1600nm) for High Sensitivity Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy

Prof. Weidong Chen

Littoral Cote d’Opale University France


9:30-9:45                                                              GaAs/AlGaAs-Based Monocrystalline Interference Coatings for Low-Loss Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy Mirrors at 4.5um

Garrett Cole

Crystalline Mirror Solutions


9:45-10:00                                                           Tandem Interferometric Real-time Monitoring of 3D Laser Metal Additive Manufacturing

Dominic Murphy



10:00-10:15                                                          Experimental challenges for deriving the optical constants for solid materials in the infrared

Tanya Myers

PNNL (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) 


10:15-10:40                                                          Q & A Session

Poster Presenters: Da Pan and James Maslar


10:40-11:05                                                          Resonant Cavity Infrared Detectors for Mid-wave Infrared Spectroscopy

Jerry Meyer

NRL (Naval Research Lab)


11:05-11:20                                                          Broadband Characterization and Modeling of Infrared Photodetectors Mounted in TO-8 Package

Mateusz Zbik

VIGO System S.A.


11:20-11:35                                                          Heteroepitaxial Integration of Mid-Infrared Light Emitting Diodes and Photodetectors onto Silicon

Prof. Peter Carrington

Lancaster University UK


11:35-11:50                                                          Mid-IR MEMS Thermal Emitter Development and Test Results

Davorin Babic

Laser Components Detector Group


11:50-12:15                                                          Q & A Session

Poster Presenters: Nathan Li and Patrick Link


               12:15-1:00                                                          Lunch



Wednesday Afternoon                                       Session Chair: Nicholas Croglio


1:00-1:15                                                              Leveraging Surface Polaritons for Infrared Light Sources

Thomas Folland

Vanderbilt University


1:15-1:30                                                              3-4 micron VCSELs and DFB ICLs for Gas Spectroscopy

Kevin Lascola



1:30-1:55                                                              Photonic Integrated Circuits for Trace Gas                                                                                                        Spectroscopy

                                                                                             Eric J. Zhang

                                                                                             IBM T. J. Watson Research Center



1:55-2:10                                                               Mid-Infrared Integrated Photonic Circuits for Non-Destructive and Real-Time Chemical Analysis

                                                                                              Prof. Pao-Tai Lin

                                                                                             Texas A&M University


2:10-2:35                                                               Q & A Session



2:35-2:50                                                               Production III-V Epitaxy for IR Applications

Amy Liu



2:55-3:05                                                              Infrared U.S. and International Market Trends and Growth from a Detector and Laser Manufacturers Perspective

Matt Robinson

Laser Components USA, Inc.


3:05-3:15                                                              MIRTHE+  Closing Remarks and Student Awards presented by Shankar Baliga                                    



Monday, October 28

5:30-7:00 pm    Meet and Greet Cocktail Reception

Tuesday, October 29

8:30 am    Registration 


9:00 am - 5:00 pm    WORKshop, Friend Center, Princeton University Campus


5:00 - 6:00 pm    Tour of MIRTHE+ labs 


6:00 pm    Drinks and Dinner, Triumph Brewing Company, Princeton 

Wednesday, October 30

9:00 am  - 4:00 pm    WORKshop, Friend Center, Princeton University Campus


4:00 - 5:00 pm    Tour of MIRTHE+ labs


2017 IR WORKshop Program
Previous program details from the 2017 IR WORKshop held at ASU in Tempe, AZ
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