Davorin Babic

Laser Components Detector Group

Mid-IR MEMS thermal emitter development and test results


Michelle Bailey

NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology)

Precision Frequency Comb Spectroscopy with a Cross-Dispersed Mid-Infrared Spectrograph


Peter Carrington

Lancaster University UK

Heteroepitaxial Integration of Mid-Infrared Light Emitting Diodes and Photodetectors onto Silicon


Weidong Chen

Littoral Cote d’Opale University France

Development of a Prism-based Broadband Optical Cavity (400-1600nm) for High Sensitivity Cavity Enhanced Absorption Spectroscopy


Garrett Cole

Crystalline Mirror Solutions

GaAs/AlGaAs-based monocrystalline interference coatings for low-loss cavity ring-down spectroscopy mirrors at 4.5um


Thomas Folland

Vanderbilt University

Leveraging surface polaritons for infrared light sources


William 'Bud' Foran

Heitronics Infrared Systems

Infrared Radiation Thermometer for Combustion Gas Temperature Measurement


Michael 'Mickey' Frish

Physical Sciences Inc.

Applications of novel DFB-ICL and DFB-QCL packages to industrial gas sensing


Jane Hodgkinson

Cranfield University UK

IR performance of retroreflective materials in maritime search and rescue


Kevin Lascola


3-4 micron VCSELs and DFB ICLs for gas spectroscopy


Pao-Tai Lin

Texas A&M University

Mid-Infrared integrated photonic circuits for non-destructive and real-time chemical analysis


Jerry Meyer

NRL (Naval Research Lab)

Resonant Cavity Infrared Detectors for Mid-wave Infrared Spectroscopy



Mark Miller

Terahertz Device Corporation

Mid-Infrared LEDs push into the Long-Wave IR Spectrum for Environmental and Health Sensing


Dominic Murphy


Tandem Interferometric Real-time Monitoring of 3D Laser Metal Additive Manufacturing


Tanya Myers

PNNL (Pacific Northwest National Laboratory) 

Experimental challenges for deriving the optical constants for solid materials in the infrared


Manijeh Razeghi

Northwestern University


Matt Robinson

Laser Components USA, Inc.

Infrared U.S. and International market trends and growth from a detector and laser manufacturers perspective


Jeremy Rowlette

Daylight Solutions

QCL-based spectrometer for liquid analysis in industrial applications


Vidi Saptari

MKS Instruments

IR based hydrocarbon composition analyzer - enabling technology in the clean energy revolution


Alexander Soibel

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab, CalTech

MWIR detectors and FPAs with very low dark current density


Lukasz Sterczewski

NASA Jet Propulsion Lab 

Interband Cascade Laser Frequency Combs



John Stover

The Scatter Works

Roughness Limits for TIS/RMS Measurements


Chet Szwejkowski

Surface Optics Corporation

Sensitivity Analysis of Infrared Bidirectional Reflectance Distribution Function Measurements using Different Detection Configurations


Andreas Woerl

Fraunhofer - IAF Germany

High operating temperature InAs/GaSb type-II superlattice detectors


Yu Yao

Arizona State University

Infrared optoelectronics based on optical metasurfaces: ultrafast modulation and polarimetric detection 


Mateusz Zbik

VIGO System S.A.

Broadband characterization and modeling of infrared photodetectors mounted in TO-8 package


Eric J. Zhang

IBM T. J. Watson Research Center

Photonic Integrated Circuits for Trace Gas Spectroscopy


Mark Zondlo

Princeton University